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Room Rental

If you are teacher, facilitator, or a light worker, we love opening up our elegant and warm space for you to share healing, practice and joys with your client, or gain experience in your new practice. Our rooms are spacious and well equipped with the best props for your clients' comfort and ease, and they  are soundproofed to minimize outside sounds.

For  individuals or a one on one practitioners, we customize the space accordingly and provide the necessary material, such as massage bed, chairs and a table setup. 


Our affordable rates for each room differ but they are flexible for single and multiple use, depending on volume. We also customize different packages should you need more hours in your credit than the set standard.

The Yoga Room

Our panoramic Yoga Room - also known as the Big Room - overlooks the open plaza and is blessed with daylight warmth, creating a photographic scene. In the evenings, our ambient lighting provides a soothing glow, perfect for restorative practices and meditations.
The stained mirrors in this room not only elevate the vibes, but provide enough reflection during practice without being distracting. The room is equipped with all the necessary yoga props, chairs and a speaker. It's ideal for:


  • large groups

  • yoga and meditations

  • sound healing

  • photography

  • art therapy

  • drama classes

  • recitals & rehearsals

  • workshops

Room Capacity: up to 30 adults.

The Swing Room

As the name suggests, this is the room where all the aerial magic happens! When the swings are removed it is used and booked for regular sessions, dance, teacher trainings and smaller events.

This room is equipped with wall to wall clear mirrors and extra lights for more clarity, removable silk hammocks and trapeze swings, as well as Yoga and Mat Pilates props. It's ideal for:

  • Yoga and Meditations

  • Dance

  • Aerial Yoga

  • One on One sessions

  • Private classes

  • Rehearsals

Room Capacity: up to 15 adults

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