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Crimson Chambers offers personalized yoga services for individuals and businesses alike. Our qualified teachers and facilitators can come to your space or host you at our studio to help you improve your wellness. Whether you’re an individual looking for private sessions or a business looking to enhance your employees’ well-being, we have the expertise to support you.

SoulFusion Reiki by Amira

Energy & Sound Healings

Experience the power of Energy Healing with our skilled and compassionate practitioners. Our holistic approach combines various modalities, such as Reiki, Tarot Reading, Pendulum Healing, Sound Healing, and more, to provide a truly personalized experience that supports your unique needs. Let us help you or your loved one rediscover inner harmony and release any blockages that might be hindering your full potential. Find out detailed offerings below.

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Sessions

Boost productivity, reduce stress, and foster team building with our customized approach. Invest in your employees' well-being and create a thriving workplace. From in-house classes to convenient on-location sessions, our expert instructors will guide your team towards improved health, focus and wellness.

We offer customized packages uniquely designed for your needs,

contact us today and secure a profitable and successful future.

Private Yoga and Therapy

Private Yoga Therapy

 Looking for a more personalized yoga experience or to continue therapy & rehabilitation? Our private in-house yoga sessions are just what you need. Enjoy one on one personalized yoga sessions that meets your unique needs and goals, at our studio or at the comfort of your home, as an assigned instructor guides you through your practice and recovery. 

Tell us about your needs and find out our customized packages by clicking the button below.

Better Life

Private Coaching & Healing

Our life coaching service takes a comprehensive approach to help you achieve personal growth and development. We specialize in Human Design, Inner Child Healing, Aromacoaching and other modalities to assist you in unlocking your full potential and living your best life.

These sessions can be done in person or through a virtual meeting channel (such as Zoom, Meets, etc).

Reach out to find out our packages, and read more in the link below

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